Ramat Gan Statement on Collection Preservation

Preserved_specimens_-_Finnish_Museum_of_Natural_History_-_DSC04668In the wake of the fire in at the Rio de Janeiro’s National Museum, the National Natural History Museum in New Delhi, as well as other important and avoidable disasters, the board and membership of ICOM NATHIST issued the following statement on the 8th of November, 2018:

ICOM NATHIST would like to express its deep concern regarding the preservation of natural history collections world-wide. These collections face unique and mounting risks regarding their preservation and care. ICOM NATHIST urges those entrusted with resourcing the stewardship of these treasures to recognize their value and ensure their ongoing protection.

It is our hope that this statement will add weight to the growing recognition of the importance, and vulnerability of collections kept in perpetuity for future generations.