ICOM NATHIST Conference Manual

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Over the the last four decades, the ICOM NATHIST has been hosted in by many prestigious institutions in many parts of the world, each adding their enthusiasm, local topics and special brand of hospitality.  We come away from each event with new lessons and have been storing them up.

conference-manual-coverThese lessons have formed the basis of the ICOM NATHIST Conference Planning Manual. It has been jointly authored by a number of past conference hosts and vetted by the Board of ICOM NATHIST. The manual is, primarily, a resource for institution wishing to explore bidding to host the conference or simply wanting to know what’s involved. For those already preparing to host a conference, the manual is an essential resource for making sure the conference runs smoothly.

Download the manual (pdf) here: conference-planning-manual-dec-3-2016-final

For questions about this manual or its use, or if you are interested in hosting an upcoming conference for ICOM NATHIST please contact us using the contact form at this link.

Here are some highlights you will find in the manual:

  • A suggested timeline of activities beginning 36 months out
  • Assistance with the theme of the conference, conference activities and special events
  • Who does what with regard to planning
  • What is expected with respect to finances, accounting, insurance and reporting
  • Information about marketing and promotion

Note that this is a living document and will be updated periodically with new information.