Conference 2017 – Pittsburgh, USA

Carnegie Museum of Natural History, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA October 25-30 2017

The 2017 ICOM NATHIST conference will be hosted by Carnegie Museum of Natural History, in Pittsburgh, USA. The occasion marks an important opportunity for natural history institutions to come together to share news and information focused specifically on our field.

Call for proposals for spoken session themes and workshop topics

Every year, our conferences include workshops on special topics and sessions that cover particular themes. Your ideas are important to us. If you have a programming idea for the conference, we’d like to hear. It is not necessary to be a member of ICOM NATHIST to attend the conference or submit an idea. Download the the form at this link: icom-nathist-2017-proposal-for-sessions-and-workshop-topics-suggestions-final

For questions about this process, please use the online contact form. We look forward to hearing from you.

The Anthropocene: Natural History Museums in the Age of Humanity

The conference theme will be the Anthropocene, which will give us an opportunity to feature initiatives that explore the nexus been art and science, as well as to think deeply about global conservation of biodiversity landscapes. The program will be filled with opportunities not only to think deeply about our practice, but also to socialize while participating in a range of high quality entertainment.

The Anthropocene is the concept that human activity has had such a profound and pervasive impact on the planet that its effects will be present in the fossil record millions of years from now, thus warranting a dedicated geological era. The concept of humanity’s impact on, and interaction with, the global environment touches on science, conservation, artistic expression, philosophy and even recreation. Natural history museums are at the next of these considerations, researching arcane ecological and evolutionary concepts, interpreting them for the public.

 The conference will explore the various manifestations of the Anthropocene within the fields of nature, art and the humanities as well as synergies between them. During the conference we will hear from scientists, authors, fine artists and social historians all coming together to explore this topic together.

Conference highlights:

  • Eminent keynote speakers, including Dr. Helmuth Trischler, Director of the Rachel Carson Center in Munich
  • Stimulating presentations exploring connections between nature conservation, art and culture
  • A trade fair featuring new perspectives and emerging technologies by international service providers
  • Local trips including a visit to the museum’s esteemed nature reserve, Powdermill and “Falling Water” the iconic house designed by Frank Lloyd Wright
  • Launch of the new book, “The Future of Natural History Museums”
  • A public day, sharing our perspectives with our communities in Pittsburgh and beyond, including lectures, a panel discussion and behind the scenes opportunities
  • The opening of a special exhibition at the Carnegie, with a chance to see the world’s only mummified dodo head, from the Natural History Museum of the University of Oxford, on its first trip to the United States
  • Exclusive tickets to the Carnegie’s famous Halloween party included with your registration


Carnegie Museum of Natural Historycmnh-dinos Established 120 years ago by Andrew Carnegie, Carnegie Museum of Natural History is one of the four Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh. It is among the major natural history museums in the United States, maintaining, preserving and interpreting a collection of 22 million objects and scientific specimens used to broad understanding of evolution, conservation and biodiversity. The museum generates new scientific knowledge, advances science literacy and inspires visitors of all ages to become passionate about science, nature and world cultures. Find out more about the museum

Pittsburghpittsburgh Pittsburgh continues rise to the top of cities worth visiting. Recently named one of the “Best Places to Travel in 2016” by Travel + Leisure, rated the nation’s “No. 1 Food City” by Zagat and named among the “Top Destinations on the Rise” by TripAdvisor, it’s easy to see why everyone’s talking about Pittsburgh. Outstanding attractions and amenities, award-winning restaurants and world-class accommodations are among the biggest draws. Add to that the friendly people, affordability and walkability, you’ve got the perfect recipe for an ideal getaway.

Watch this space for regular updates on the conference, including registration, fees and accommodation.


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  1. Can you please tell me what the registration costs are for the 2017 conference and what hotel is being recommended for the conference and their hotel rates?

    • Dear Martina, the planning committee is going over this at the moment and we will post this shortly. Stay tuned for a stand-alone micro-site from Carnegie Museum of Natural History.

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