New German Translation of the ICOM Code of Ethics for Natural History Museums

Photo: World Heritage Site Zeche Zollverein in Essen, GermanyThomas Wolf,

We are delighted to announce a new German translation of the ICOM Code of Ethics for Natural History Museums. It was organized by former NATHIST Treasurer, Ulrike Stottrop, Head of the Research & Collection Department, Head of Department Geology and Natural History at the Rurh Museum and Head of the Mineral Museum in Essen, Germany. NATHIST is extremely grateful to the team, who undertook this project, including Karsten Moll, who laid it out in its original format.

This makes the ninth language for the Code, underscoring its ongoing relevance to our museum community.

Download the document here NatHist_Code of Ethics_DT_012019

If you are interested in undertaking a translation of the Code, please let us know at this link.