Update on the 2018 Conference

desert goat

Preparations for the 2018 NATHIST conference are underway. We will shortly have to you a call for papers and details for registration, fees, accommodation and travel.

CONFERENCE THEME Natural History Museums in Time and Place

Within this broad theme, the Host Committee will be considering papers dealing with:

Museum collections

  • New research, New technology and methods
  • Collecting Policy

Museum exhibitions

  • Biodiversity
  • Anthropocene
  • Multidisciplinary exhibitions
  • Objectivity vs Taking a stand

Museums and their visitors

  • Engaging the general public in the work of scientists
  • Dealing with the diversity of our visitors, different culture, different religion and people with special needs.
  • Dealing with the topic of evolution


We will have about three days for presentations, two at the Natural History museum in Tel Aviv, Half day at the zoological center in Ramat-Gan and half day in Jerusalem.

Within this time frame we have to set slots for visits at those venues and time for our AGM.

  • The half day in the Zoological center will be dedicated to acting against illicit wildlife trafficking and to biomimicry
  • The half day in Jerusalem will be dedicated to Museum which are a mixture of Science and Natural History together.


For specific questions, please contact the Chair of the Host Committee, Dorit Wollenitz Telephone: +972-3-6315010 email: musdorit@012.net.il 



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