Update: ICOM NATHIST Archive Project

Old booksIt is with a mixture of pride and relief that we announce that ICOM NATHIST has finished its long-awaited archive project, an initiative to get all the past publications of the Committee onto the web. They now appear on our Archive Page. Our past President, Dr. Gerhard Winter, was instrumental in making these files available and assisting with their uploading. The Documentation Centre at the ICOM Secretariat was also very helpful, especially with the earlier volumes, which stretch back to 1978.

Next Steps: Newsletters have not been produced since 2012, while at the same time the activities of the Committee have continued to grow. Our intention is to revisit these activities and create retrospectively an annual edition of the newsletter for each of the years 2013 through 2016, and then at least once annually going forward.

At the same time, National Taiwan Museum is generously creating a history of ICOM NATHIST, which beautifully encapsulates the many achievements of the Committee over the last decades. In the event that this large document is available in PDF, we will make it available as part of the archive.

This compendium of information, both as a history and as individual newsletters highlights the passion and dedication of a great many people over almost half a century. It’s fitting and timely that this record is made widely available.




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