2016 ICOM NATHIST Board Nominations

vote.jpgAt our 2016 Annual General Meeting, we will vote in the members of the Board of ICOM NATHIST. All position are up for re-election, and all current members are standing for another 3-year term. Any ICOM NATHIST member in good standing may run for any position. There are also additional “Member at Large” positions that can be elected this year.

Download the nomination form at this link ICOM NATHIST 2016 Board Nomination Form THE DEADLINE FOR SUBMITTING A NOMINATION FORM IS 15 JUNE 2016. Please submit your form by the deadline to Lynda Knowles, Secretary ICOM NATHIST Lynda.Knowles@dmns.org


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  1. Elagba Mohamed says:

    Dear EricPls collect attached form of nomination for 2016 ICOM NATHIST.Thank you,with my regards.Dr. Elagba Haj Ali MohamedNatural History MuseumUniversity of KhartoumSudan

    1. Eric Dorfman says:

      Dear Dr. Elagba, I’m afraid this didn’t attach. If you’re able to email it directly to Lynda Knowles Lynda.Knowles@dmns.org we can process it quickly. All the best, Eric

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