Useful information on Croatia

Croatia scene

In preparing for our conference, here is some useful information on Croatia.

Information about Visas can be found here This site also has information on travel documents, foreign affairs and official contacts.

Links to some of the places we will be visiting during the conference:

Climate: The interior of Croatia experiences a moderate continental climate with dry warm summers and mild winters. October is still fairly warm but the temperature is noticeably lower and with much more rain than the preceding month. October’s highest average daily temperature is fairly high, at around 19°C (about 65°F), but the lowest temperature does dip to a fairly cool 9°C (about 49°F).

By October the amount of average daily sunlight to about 7 hours, but with the average sea temperature at around 20°C (about 68°F) you would still be able to spend time on the beach and have a dip in the sea.  A mix of clothes would be appropriate to take for a trip in October.

Travel details: for those of you arriving in Croatia for the conference by air, please provide flight details to our conference organiser, Lily, at Lily Tours:




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